Balaam’s Donkey is a former atheist. In his experience, few of them understand its implications. Alex Rosenberg & Nietzsche are notable exceptions. Self-referentially inconsistent dingbats, unite. Balaam’s Donkey is a philosophic conservative: new things have to prove themselves against established things. The yoke of proof is not shared. Unbeknownst to him, he was  only an atheist of theistic personalism (or neo-theism), not the real McCoy. Theism isn’t Casper writ large or a holographic George Burns.

If you don’t understand Divine simplicity you can’t experience the full WHAM of the Cosmological arguments and the oneness of HaShem. You can have a Masters in Philosophy (you fool!) and never see a fair presentation. You’ll remain stuck at “But what caused the first cause? and it will seem like a good objection.

Donkey of Balaam is NOT an expert or authority on Noachide Law. He’s a conduit, a linkmeister. His understanding is a work in progress. “Gentiles for Moses” is not meant to refer to any specific group of Noachides. It’s a catchy meme and I encourage others to use it. He abandoned this site in favor of r/Noachide. Come see Linkapalooza!


The Redneck Rastafarian has his finger on THE PULSE. He’s the MVN: Most Valuable Noahide. His writing will endure. Bet the house.

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