Balaam’s Donkey is a former atheist. In his experience, few of them understand its implications. Alex Rosenberg & Nietzsche are notable exceptions. Self-referentially inconsistent dingbats, unite. Balaam’s Donkey is a philosophic conservative: new things have to prove themselves against established things. The yoke of proof is not shared.

Unbeknownst to him, he was  only an atheist of theistic personalism (or neo-theism), not the real McCoy. Theism isn’t Casper writ large or a holographic George Burns.

If you don’t understand Divine simplicity you can’t experience the full WHAM of the Cosmological arguments and the oneness of HaShem. You can have a Masters in Philosophy (you fool!) and never see a fair presentation. You’ll remain stuck at “But what caused the first cause? and it will seem like a prima facie good objection. Theism is not what most think. Read Maimonides about how little our language can convey the nature of HaShem.

The Redneck Rastafarian has his finger on THE PULSE. Being a Noahide can seem like a flavor of solipsism. Reconcile knowing the Truth with being the only one who does. This essay is Art. His writing will endure. Bet the house.


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