Deuteronomy 13



The Torah plainly says G-d might give prophets the power to trick the Israelites:


2 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 13

  1. CP says:

    This article is a classic example of bait and switch. It starts out by describing various doctrines risining out of Hellenized Jewish and Christian religions. Then at this sentence:

    “If the answer to these is no, then Jesus led them to worship a god their forefathers didn’t know. Game over.”

    After setting the reader up it then makes the switch to Yeshua implying he taught these things. Yeshua taught none of these doctrines, rather these doctrines about him came out of a Hellenized/Roman culture of Jews and Christians 100-400 years after Rabbi Yeshua taught.

    Who ever wrote this has no knowledge of what Yeshua actually taught (Second Temple Pharisaical Judaism) or they have at one time themselves bought into a Hellenized view of Yeshua, escaping without ever knowing the truth, or they are simply trying to delude others. – “Game over”.


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