If the road you followed led you to this …


“According, then, as He has preordained some men from eternity, so that they are directed to their ultimate end, He is said to have predestined them. Hence, the Apostle says, in Ephesians (1:5): ‘Who predestinated us unto the adoption of children … according to the purpose of His will.’ On the other hand, those to whom He has decided from eternity not to give His grace He is said to have reprobated or to have hated, in accord with what we find in Malachi (1:2-3): ‘I have loved Jacob, but have hated Esau.’ By reason of this distinction, according to which He has reprobated some and predestined others, we take note of divine election, which is mentioned in Ephesians (1:4): ‘He chose us in Him, before the foundation of the world.'”   Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica and Contra Gentiles 


“All things whatever arise from, and depend on, the divine appointment; whereby it was foreordained who should receive the word of life, and who should disbelieve it; who should be delivered from their sins, and who should be hardened in them; and who should be justified and who should be condemned.”

“You may be worried that it is hard to defend the mercy and equity of G-d in damning the undeserving, that is, ungodly persons, who, being born in ungodliness, can by no means avoid being ungodly, and staying so, and being damned, but are compelled by natural necessity to sin and perish; as Paul says: ‘We were all the children of wrath, even as others’ (Eph.2.3), created such by G-d Himself from a seed that had been corrupted by the sin of the one man, Adam. But here G-d must be reverenced and held in awe, as being most merciful to those whom He justifies and saves in their own utter unworthiness; and we must show some measure of deference to His Divine wisdom by believing Him just when to us He seems unjust. … This question touches on the secrets of His Majesty, where ‘His judgments are past finding out’ (cf. Rom.11.33). It is not for us to inquire into these mysteries, but to adore them.”    Martin Luther


“The condemnation of the non-elect is designed primarily to furnish an eternal exhibition, before men and angels, of G-d’s hatred for sin, or, in other words, it is to be an eternal manifestation of the justice of G-d. … This decree of reprobation also serves subordinate purposes in regard to the elect; for, in beholding the rejection and final state of the wicked, they learn what they too would have suffered had not grace stepped in to their relief, and they appreciate more deeply the riches of divine love which raised them from sin and brought them into eternal life while others no more guilty or unworthy than they were left to eternal destruction.”   Lorraine Boettner 


“Hell is a place whose inhabitants are sovereignly and unconditionally chosen and created by G-d for damnation … in which G-d actively causes endless, conscious, and extreme torment for its inhabitants … in which G-d displays his justice, righteousness, wrath, and power, and through which he glorifies himself.”   Vincent Cheung


When they shall see the misery of the damned, it will give them a greater sense of the distinguishing grace and love of G-d to them, that G-d should from all eternity set his love on them, and make so great a difference between them and others who are of the same species with them, are no worse by nature than they, and have deserved no worse of G-d than they. When they shall look upon the misery of the damned, and consider how different their own state is from theirs, and that it is only free and sovereign grace that makes the difference, what a great sense will this give them of the wonderful grace of G-d to them! And how will it heighten their praises! With how much greater admiration and exultation of soul will they sing of the free and sovereign grace of G-d to them!    Jonathan Edwards


“The vessels that were created to dishonor in Romans 9:21 are called “vessels of wrath having been fitted out for destruction” in verse 22. These are vessels that G-d, the Sovereign Potter, made to be objects of His everlasting wrath. They are objects of His wrath while they are living, and they are objects of His wrath when He punishes them eternally in hell. They have been the objects of His wrath from before the foundation of the world, when He unconditionally chose them to be reprobates. In time, He unconditionally hardens them, and then He damns them for their sin, all in His righteous, holy, and just plan.”     Marc Carpenter


To the absolute and unequivocal contrary:

“Do you think that I like to see wicked people die?” says the Sovereign L-rd. “Of course not! I want them to turn from their wicked ways and live.” (Ezekiel 18:23)

And G-d saw their deeds, that they had repented of their evil way, and the L-rd relented concerning the evil that He had spoken to do to them, and He did not do it. (Jonah 3:10)





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